Do You Know the Real PETA and Humane Society of the United  States?

An Editorial by Alice Fix

You  will not often see negative articles in our newsletters, but every now and  again we are forced to make a stand, and to speak out about what we know is  for the better good for all involved. This is one such instance. We can no  longer stand back and watch to see what will happen. I think that it is past  time to publicly expose the real agenda of the Humane Society of the United  States (HSUS) and their cohorts in crime, People for the Ethical Treatment  of Animals (PETA), and the animal rights agenda.

For  many years we have all enjoyed the companionship of our dogs and other  animals. We have been busy playing with them, taking care of them, finding  fun things that we could do with them, and generally just having a great  time with all the animals that live in our houses. While we have been  enjoying the love and fun that our animals provide to us, there have been  groups out there organizing on a grand scale trying to get our rights to own  those animals taken away. Yes, that is exactly what I meant. Make no mistake  about it. These people have organized on a large scale to infiltrate many  major city councils and governments in the country to spread their  propaganda. Their agenda is easily defined and simple. Their main objective  is to take away your right to own animals. They do not want you to have the  companionship of any animal, whether that is a dog, cat, horse, mouse, frog,  fish or any other animal that you can think of. They are pooling their  resources to get this accomplished, and have millions of dollars in their  war chest for this effort.

This is  a statement made by Ingrid Newkirkaot create different breeds. There would  be no pet shops. If people had companion animals in their homes, those  animals would have to be refugees from the animal shelters and the streets.  You would have a protective relationship with them just as you would with an  orphaned child. But as the surplus of cats and dogs (artificially engineered  by centuries of forced breeding) declined, eventually companion animals  would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship enjoyment at a distance.The Harper's Forum Book, Jack Hitt, ed., 1989,  p.223.

It is  interesting that Ms. Newkirk used the word speciesist. defines that word as follows:

1. The  discrimination against, and exploitation of, animals by humans in the belief  that humans are superior to all other species of animals and can therefore  justify putting them to their own use.

One of  the animal rights mantras is that all animals are created to be equal to all  humans, and should have the same rights as humans.

Just in  case it still isn’t clear to you what their agenda is, here are a few more  quotes from Ingrid Newkirk:

One  day, we would like an end to pet shops and the breeding of animals. [Dogs]  would pursue their natural lives in the wild ... they would have full lives,  not wasting at home for someone to come home in the evening and pet them and  then sit there and watch TV.

The  Chicago Daily Herald, 3/1/90

In the  end, I think it would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of pets  altogether. Newsday, 2/21/88

Who is  Ingrid Newkirk, and why should we care what she has to say about anything?  In the 1970s, Newkirk worked for Montgomery County (Maryland), and then for  the District of Columbia, as an animal protection officer and deputy  sheriff, before becoming DC’s first female Poundmaster in 1978. She  co-founded PETA in 1980 with established animalrights activist Alex Pacheco.  (1) PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, but in my  opinion, there is nothing ethical in what they do.

Ms. Newkirk has very close ties with several groups identified by the FBI as  known terrorists groups, such as Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The animal  rights groups are very well organized, and when you check closely, you will  see many of the same names sitting on the boards of these radical groups.  They are intertwined and closely linked through their finances, and the work  that they do.

PETA  operates on an annual budget of $ 29,000,000. Most of this is from donations  made by ordinary citizens that don’t know the real work of PETA. Many people  think that they are out to save the lives of animals after seeing all of  their ads on TV and in the newspapers. That is why millions are donated to  them each year.

In  Virginia, the home state of PETA, in 2004, PETA adopted out 361 animals, and  euthanized 2,278, according to their records. (2) Those figures aren’t good.  That means that they euthanized 86.3% of their animals and only adopted out  13.7%. These figures come directly from PETA’s Annual Report and from their  2004 Tax Return. It doesn’t seem like they used that $29 million for the  betterment of the majority of the animals that they came in contact with. So  where is the money going? It is being spent for publicity to raise more  money for one thing. It is also being used for legislative purposes. They  have placed key people in city governments all over the country to try to  influence legislation to take your pet ownership rights away. And they are  having a lot of success with it.

You  need to understand the basic difference between the animal welfare groups and animal rights groups. Although the names might sound like they have  the same objectives, there is a big difference. Animal welfare groups are  working to see that all animals are treated humanely. Animal rights groups  are working to see that all ownership of animals comes to an end.

As I said, PETA has close ties with many other organizations. One of those  organizations is the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). People  donate millions to the HSUS each year, thinking that their money is going to  save the lives of millions of animals. Nothing could be further from the  truth. The HSUS does not own a single animal shelter anywhere in the  country. Although many shelters have the words Humane Society in their  names, they are not associated in any way with the HSUS. The HSUS does not  sponsor any spay or neuter clinic anywhere in the country. They do donate a  very small percent of the annual budget to a few local humane societies,  around $2 million annually, which just happens to be less than the amount  that they spend in travel each year. Their major money is sent on fund  raising and legislative activity. In 2005 they spent $28 million for public  mailings, $6 million in vegan education, $10 million in legislative  campaigns and litigation. Their income for that year was close to $125  million.

The  HSUS was founded in 1954 as an animal welfare organization. But in the early  1980’s, just about the same time as PETA was founded, they began to change  to an animal rights organization. In the 1990’s the personnel began to  change to better fit with their new purpose, and today many of the personnel  at HSUS have ties to PETA, including the current President, Wayne Pacelle.

This is  an interesting quote from Wayne Pacelle: “We have no ethical obligation to  preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective  breeding ...One generation

and  out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are  creations of human selective breeding. - Animal People News (May 1, 1993)  (3) When you

combine  other statements that he has made, with the above statement, in my opinion  the meaning of this statement is that if we could spay and neuter all  animals, we could eliminate

pet  ownership within one generation. One generation and out would mean to me  that they are gone and are eliminated in only one generation.

Quietly  sitting back and maybe not being aware, we are now allowing the HSUS to make  presentations at our local schools, with the definite purpose to educate our  children about how bad pet ownership is, to indoctrinate children to the  thought that animals should be free and not kept as pets. They are doing  this in the same way that they have infiltrated city councils and local  governments all across the country, quietly and matter-of-factly.

Shortly after taking office, Pacelle announced a merger with the Fund For  Animals which have assets of over $20 million, and the Doris Day Animal  League. The combined group estimated its 2005 budget at over $95 million  and also announced the formation of a new political organization, which  will allow for a more substantial investment of resources in political and  lobbying activities. (4)

So that  is where we find ourselves today. With the HSUS and PETA combined annual  budgets of over $124 million for political and lobbying efforts to take away  our rights to own animals. And that figure does not include the many  splinter organizations that have been formed from these two major  organizations. We are in an uphill battle now, and it will be the fight of  our lives to keep our rights to own pets.

They  are going at it from many different angles. One way is to get Breed Specific  Legislation (BSL) passed. The banning of Pit-Bulls all over the country is a  good example.

That  has caught on like wildfires. The animal rights groups have said if they can  just get one breed banned, then it will be easy to add others to it at a  later date, until eventually all breeds are banned. Another way that they  are going about it is to have a mandatory spay and neuter law in place. Just  think about it, if all domestic animals are spayed and neutered, when they  die, there will be no more domestic animals. Those same words have been said  by Wayne Pacelle, the President of the HSUS. They have a very well thought  out and planned agenda, and they are counting on the ignorance of the  American people to get their agenda accomplished. Well guess what: Ignorance  can be overcome by education. The American people may be ignorant about the  facts, but they are not stupid. They can be educated. We were ignorant  before 9-11, and look what effect that had. It caused all Americans to  become educated and unite and fight to prevent that from happening again.  The difference here is that we are being attacked from within our own  country. We are under strong attack by the animal rights groups, and I hope  that we don’t just stand by and allow it to happen.

The  animal rights groups are publicly stating that we need to get laws passed so  that they can close down all the puppy mills and commercial breeding  facilities that have their animals living in inhumane conditions. Just about  everyone would agree with the idea that animals should be treated humanely.

But  that is just the vehicle that they are using to try to do away with all  animal ownership, period. And that is not a statement that they are being  all that public about.

You  can become active in this fight by telling your friends and neighbors what  is going on. You can be an instrument of education. You can also fight this  kind of legislation when it is presented in your area. Go to the City  Council meetings and make your voice heard. Write letters to the state and  federal government officials to offer your services to be on any animal  related committee. In short get the word out to any and all of your friends  that own pets. Let them know what is going on. If enough people stop funding  the animal rights organizations, we can put them out of business. There is  not much that they can do without operating funds.

The  next time you think about making a donation to any of these organizations,  you had better think long and hard about whether you really want your money  being spent to take away your rights.


Right  now the HSUS has started their First Strike Campaign. I find that an  interesting choice of names. At they define first strike  as follows:

 First strike: An attack that is intended to seize or inflict damage on or  destroy an objective.

Most  people think that attack is on inhumane treatment of animals. They still  don’t know it is an attack to take your animals away from you. Last year  over 10 million people donated money to the HSUS because of their massive  spending on advertising. Most of those 10 million people had no idea what  their money was actually going to support.

Better  places to donate your money that will fight for your rights to own animals  are listed below. These groups are working hard to protect your right to own  animals, and to expose the true agenda to much of the animal legislation  going on all over the country.



You can either make your  donations work for you or against you. That decision is yours to make.

Footnotes for  Reference:


2) www,nokillnow.comPetaDVACreporting.pdf



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