Woman describes attempted stabbing at Walmart in Fleming Island

Alis Muntain says that a boy threatened her with a knife when she was shopping on Tuesday night. She says things may have been worse if not for a shopper nearby who happened to have a concealed carry permit.

Author: Troy Kless

CLAY COUNTY — It was a scary moment for Alis Muntain of Orange Park. She was shopping for cat food and litter when a teenager approached her in the store Tuesday night.

She says a teenage boy threatened her saying, “I want you to have sex with me, I have a knife in my pocket.”

She says after the boy confronted her, a man nearby was legally carrying a concealed weapon.

He bought her time to run away from the boy. After he tried chasing after Muntain, he left the store. Clay County Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the 1400 block of CR 220 where they found the boy.

According to a police report, the 14-year-old boy was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Muntain’s post got over a thousand shares and reactions.

Muntain was unavailable for an interview but she says she was grateful for the man’s help.

The suspect is being held in the Juvenile Detention Center in Jacksonville.

She detailed the ordeal in a Facebook post.

Alis Muntain

Wow. I'm still reeling a little from the events of tonight.

Tonight, I was threatened with a knife in Walmart. In FLEMING ISLAND.

I am convinced that I would've been stabbed had it not been for the divine timing of another customer walking by who just happened to have a concealed carry license.

I was making a quick run to get cat food and litter. My arms were so full that I was sitting in the aisle contemplating whether I wanted to put it down and search for a cart when a teenager (15-17) approached me. I thought he was going to see if I needed help, but then he asked how old I was. A bit confused by the question, I just assumed he needed help himself and wanted to verify that I was an adult. I hesitantly replied with my age. He then said "I want you to have sex with me. I have a knife in my pocket.", proceeding to pull out his pocket and show me that there was indeed a knife there. I blinked, paused, and then said "Are you aware that we're on camera?"
"I want to make you aware that I have a husband and a THREE year old son waiting in my car for me. They will be looking for me soon."
"And you are threatening me with a knife if I don't have sex with you?"

RIGHT at that moment, a man walked across the end of the aisle behind the teenager. I have no idea how I had remained (at least visibly) calm to this point. Keeping my voice light, I called out "Excuse me sir, could you help me?" as the boy turned to see who was behind him. Thinking I was talking about my still full arms, he said "sure" and turned towards me. As soon as he took a step, I stated:

"This boy has a knife and is threatening to use it on me if I don't have sex with him."
Man: .... "are you serious?"
Me: "Yes." *slowly edging backwards*
Man: "Are you threatening her??"
Teenager: "yes" *shows knife*
Man: "Call for help, now."

By this point, I was about 8-10 feet away, so I turned and RAN, screaming for help. I didnt know the man had a concealed weapon that he pulled on the boy, who then proceeded to run after me. At the end of the aisle, I veered left. running into an entire display of plastic bins and losing my glasses, but he went right. He ran out of the store, but eventually was caught by police after pulling a knife on them as well.

I firmly believe that if that man hadn't walked by when he did and had his gun on him, things could've gone VERY differently. It still doesn't feel real. I'm so grateful that he was placed in my path at that moment, and that he was exercising his right to bear arms. I always figured that was a slim possibility at my school, but never at a Walmart in Fleming Island. You literally never know...

I'm safe, guys. I just figured this was a story that should be shared, because it truly emphasized the importance of utilizing your freedom to keep yourself and others safe. I'm not trying to cause a huge debate, just offering some food for thought.