US Supreme and US Circuit Court Rulings - Pennsylvania


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The Following is a list of a number of the court ruling handed down by the various courts in the State of Pennsylvania dealing with Hunting and Gun Rights issues. This page is offered for information only and is not intended to offer any legal advise.

U.S. Supreme Court Rulings Affecting Firearms. Search this site for all of the latest U.S. Supreme Court Ruling affecting Firearm Ownership within the last 10 years.

PRINTZ, SHERIFF/CORONER, RAVALLI COUNTY, MONTANA v. UNITED STATES This is the opinion of the Court on the Constitutionality of the Brady Law. Written by Justice Scalia.

PRINTZ, SHERIFF/CORONER, RAVALLI COUNTY, MONTANA v. UNITED STATES(OUTLINE OF THE OPINION) This is the high points of the Court regarding the Brady Law law decsion.

Justice Clarence Thomas The Concurrence of Supreme Court Justice Thomas.

Emersion v. United States District Court for Northern District of Texas  District Court ruling in the appeal of Timothy Joe Emersion of his prohibition on firearms ownership from a lower Texas Court based on a Protection from Abuse Order.

Emersion vs. United States 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decision.  The Decsion of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals declaring that the Second Amendment does protect the individual right to firearm Ownership