Officer/Agency Situation Demeanor :


     Courteous & Polite

     Officious & Overbearing/Gruff

     Rude & Offensive


     Dismissive & Cavalier


Supporting Documentation Availability :

      I am willing to supply the documentation available to me as part of this incident

      Documentation must be kept private

      No documentation is available

Legal Situation :

       An attorney is involved

       No attorney is involved

       Need to get an attorney

      Attorney Recommendation requested

      I do not want to get an attorney

Status of Incident :

        Have contacted my state legislator



      Not sure what to do next

      Firearm seized and not returned

      ALL my firearms were seized and not returned

       No receipt given by Law Enforcement (as *required by PA Law [6105 (f)(4))

      May we contact you for more information?

Privacy Requirements :

       No Release (Internal ACSL Policy Use ONLY)

       Legislators ONLY

      No Restrictions