SAFE Mission Statement


Shooters Active in Firearms Education is an association of like minded individuals who are all highly trained volunteer firearms/personal defense instructors.  We have a PASSION for teaching firearms safety and effective use of firearms for a myriad of shooting endeavors.  We are innovators who push the limits of current knowledge and techniques and make full use of technology in developing creative solutions for new and experienced shooters alike.

We are driven to learn (through expanded educational opportunities), and enjoy engaging with all parties on topics of mutual interest, as well as those who like to challenge themselves to excel in their own professional and personal development.

SAFE was created to expand the opportunities available for the public to avail themselves of effective training and to ensure that this training is conducted by fully experienced instructors with adequate support to oversee all shooters in a SAFE environment.


It is our desire and goal to see firearm accidents continue to decline towards zero and to bring the shooting sports to the public in an enjoyable setting free from prejudice and misunderstanding.




Paul Fedorka

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Kim Stolfer


ACSL Delegate:

Paul Fedorka


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Phone: (724) 203-0324