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Come and take them 

In the wake of last week's tragedy on the campus of Umpqua Community College, President Barack Obama  commanded Americans to “politicize a violent Muslim's attack on a crowd of innocent college students and teachers. Of course, asking Democrats to politicize tragedy is like asking Michael Moore if he wants another dough nut.

These are people who politicize everything. However, they did seem reluctant to politicize the fact that UCC murderer Chris Harper-Mercer appears to have been influenced by radical Islam. And they missed a chance to politicize the ludicrous parental failings of the killer's father, who blamed his son's actions on firearms: “How on Earth could he compile 13 guns? How could that happen?” € Read more

Everytown Wants Schools Defenseless  

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today accused Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun lobbying group, Everytown for Gun Safety, of working to keep schools vulnerable to violent attack, while also challenging the group's claim that there have been more than 140 school shootings since 2013. 

Earlier this week, Everytown published a map of the United States, showing where it claims there have been 142 school shootings over the past two years. A list with very brief details of each incident accompanied the map.  Read more

Washington Post contributor finds €˜zero correlation” between state gun laws and murder rate 

Washington Post contributor Eugene Volokh finds “zero”€ correlation between state-level gun laws and the death rate, including murders in which firearms have been used.

After looking at data on all manner of gun-related deaths and comparing that with the laws that attempt to affect access to firearms, Volokh found there’s simply no way to demonstrate that each state's varyingly stringent laws have any positive effect on rate at which people are murdered by gun-wielding bad guys.

Volokh does what so many lazy writers don't: He looks deeper into the data to see what it's really saying. Here he is explaining how he came up with the criteria for his refined survey: Read more

Virginia Senator Kaine Introduces Bill to Turn Innocent Mistakes into Felonies

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) introduced what he is calling the “Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act.” € As The Hill amusingly noted, “It is the latest gun bill introduced by Democrats that is unlikely to pass through a Republican-controlled Congress.” € And with good reason. Sen. Kaine's current anti-gun effort is incomprehensible and unconstitutional. And that, unfortunately, is not a laughing matter.

Current law prohibits transferring a firearm to a person “knowing or having reasonable cause to believe”€ that the person falls into one of the federally prohibited categories. Appropriately, the prosecution has to prove the transferor knew or had reason to know of the recipient's prohibited status. The law, of course, does not presume that everyone who seeks to acquire a firearm has a criminal record or intends to use the firearm for a criminal purpose, nor does it require those who transfer firearms to make this presumption. Read more


Sunday Hunting Legislation Introduced to Legislature

Thanks to you, “Sunday Hunting”€ legislation, House Bill 1374, has been officially introduced this week and will be making its way through the General Assembly.  As introduced, HB 1374 would give discretion to the Pennsylvania Game Commission to implement Sunday hunting relative to seasons and bag limits in the Keystone state.  Just as they are trusted to make science-based decisions Monday through Saturday, the management of hunting seasons, harvest limits and times on Sundays should rest with the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the wildlife experts who advise it. Read more  

 In case you could not attend, here is the Video of the entire May 12, 2015 Second Amendment Rally in Harrisburg.

1 hour 1 min 47 seconds






A Comprehensive Scientific Assessment of the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Deer Management Program

Updated November 2014

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Articles of Interest From John C. Street 

Author's Bio - John is an inquisitive contrarian who writes, frequently with humor, about current events in fish and wildlife research as well as the ethical and societal issues that affect the outdoor life.

Passing the buckby John C. Street 

They could see the deer, bits and pieces of him anyway, as he slipped across the side hill, screened for the most part by heavy patches of frost striped blackberry canes and grape tangles.  It wasn’t in a hurry but had obviously been disturbed by other hunters.  It checked its back trail as it came.  Read More

John can be contacted at    johnstreet@windstream.net 

Click here for John C. Street archives

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